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Ari Goldwag Releases New Chanukah Album with Sheves Acharim


Popular Jewish singer Ari Goldwag is back with another excellent new album featuring the smash hit song “Shir Ushvacha” – Song and Praise. 

This time, Goldwag has produced the album and takes a back seat on the singing, letting the “Sheves Chaverim” boys choir lead the way.

The result here is a beautiful song and an equally beautiful video that has a unique Chanukah message about doing acts of kindness for others.

Note, the kindness meted out here is for the sake of the act itself. The kids make sure that all their kind acts are done in secret.

As we get ready for the Chanukah season, crank up the volume and let this song (or the album) fill your home with joy.

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