Saudi Hebrew speaker Loay Alshareef. (screenshot)

This Bahrain-based Saudi educator yearns for peace in the Middle East in a jaw-dropping interview with Israel’s Can TV, surprising the reporter with his command of Hebrew and his knowledge of the Jewish Bible.

A Saudi activist named Loay Alshareef shocked an Israeli reporter in Bahrain this week with his command of Hebrew. “I love the language of Hebrew because of the Prophets” he told Can TV reported Gili Cohen, referencing the Jewish Bible and specifically naming “King David, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel” as inspirations.

When asked if he believes there will be peace in the Middle East, Alshareef responded, “With God’s Help, may there be peace upon us,” adding “in the year to come in Jerusalem.” With his reference to the “coming year in Jerusalem,” Alshareef paraphrased an ancient Hebrew saying that envisions the Jewish people’s return to the Holy City of Jerusalem, which Jews recite each year during the Passover and Yom Kippur holidays.

A Saudi speaking Hebrew and discussing the Jewish bible in an Arab country? Another promising sign of the times for the State of Israel!