The Jewish communities of Samaria are fulfilling biblical prophecy and living out the essence of Zionism.

Zionism, the national Jewish liberation movement, is completely based on history and the bible.

In Samaria, with its unparalleled beauty, wherever you walk, Jewish history comes alive. The city of Shiloh, for instance, is where the Tabernacle stood – the center point of Jewish life before the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. This past summer, archaeologists unearthed 10 ancient jugs at the ancient city, leading researchers to new discoveries about the site.

Samaria now boasts boutique wineries, educational institutions, a world-class university with Arab and Jewish students, a wide range of industries, organic and conventional farms, and more. The so-called Jewish “settlements” include all segments of Israeli society, religious and secular, representing national unity.

The strategic importance of the mountainous Samaria is vital. If Israel withdrew, the country would be merely nine miles wide.

Watch and learn about Samaria – where the Jewish people became a nation!