Risking Everything for Israel. (Screenshot)
Risking Everything for Israel

This video tells the dramatic story of Jews who overcame great obstacles in their efforts to reach the Holy Land.

Toldot Yisrael, a Jerusalem based nonprofit dedicated to recording and sharing the firsthand testimonies of the men and women who helped found the State of Israel, has produced a wonderful series of short films. In this fifth episode, we meet a group of Jews from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Iraq who had to flee their homes due to the rise of anti-Semitism in the ’30s and ’40s. Unfortunately for these Jews, the British had all but closed the doors to the Holy Land, forcing them to find what were dangerous and illegal methods in order to immigrate.

This is a far cry from the relative ease Jewish people experience today returning home to Israel. What this video shows is how for 2000 years, Jews around the world have dreamed of returning to the Holy Land. And now, perhaps miraculously, a large portion of the Jews in the world have returned home.