UN Partition Plan For Palestine 1947 (Wikimedia Commons)

The head of both the PLO and the Palestinian Authority clarified his opposition to a Jewish homeland with personal instructions to sue Britain for its role in the creation of a Jewish state.

Official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV played footage of the regime’s Minister Riyad Al-Malki declaring, “The leadership intends to submit a lawsuit, according to the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas,” over the Balfour Declaration.

Al-Malki revealed the reason for the legal action: The PA believes “the Balfour Promise 100 years ago was the beginning of the Palestinian disaster.”

This telling statement exposes the lie that the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is only interested in “liberating” post-1967 Israel.

The Balfour Declaration made no reference to the parts of Palestine that would be for a renewed Jewish homeland.

Indeed, nothing has changed since the PLO was formed in 1964, promising to “liberate” the then tiny state of Israel from a Jewish presence.