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Exposing the Real Reason Why Palestinians Want to Murder Jews

In an appearance on the Kelly File on Fox News, Brooke Goldstein exposes the true nature of Arab incitement and terrorism against Jews, proving the conflict has nothing to do with land or the Temple Mount.

The Palestinian violence and terrorism that Israel continues to face is nothing but a war over religion.

Palestinians are not stabbing Jews because they oppose the supposed “occupation.” They are not fighting to establish a Palestinian state. They are fighting because they hate Jews.

The violence we are seeing today did not begin last month or even in 1967. Nor did it start in 1948. Arab terrorism against Jews existed even before the 1929 Hebron massacre during which Arabs murdered 67 innocent Jews.

As Goldstein states so clearly, this is a religious, holy war. It’s about plain old anti-Semitism. It’s that simple.