Mordechai Yosef (Twitter/Screenshot)

Mordechai Yosef was raised as a Palestinian and taught to despise Jews, but all of that changed when he took a closer look at his own family tree.

A young Muslim man born into a Palestrinian refugee family was raised to hate Jews.

Upon discovering that he himself is a Jew, he did more research on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and became an activist against the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Now going by the Hebrew name of Mordechai Yosef, having embraced Judaism, he blasts the corruption in the Palestinian Authority, saying that his family and others like them never received any of the money supposedly intended for refugees.

He also slams the PA for using hundreds of millions of dollars to pay terrorists who murder Jews.

Watch and hear his fascinating personal story and the truth about UNRWA and the PA!