Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev (Youtube/Screenshot)

Denying the right of the Jewish state to choose its own capital is a “non-starter” for peace negotiations, Israel’s ambassador to the UK told BBC in a discussion that also featured a leading anti-Israel activist.

Declaring what’s “fair and legal” – in response to a hostile BBC journalist – Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev said there can be no peace without recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and ridiculed those Palestinians who have dangerous fantasies about throwing all Jews out of Jerusalem.

On the same forum, anti-Israel activist Ghadi Karmi, a Jerusalem-born Arab resident of London, slammed “know-nothing” President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish state.

In a previous interview with Executive Intelligence Review, reprinted by Middle East Policy Journal, Karmi, a medical doctor and honorary research fellow at the University of Exeter’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, stated: “There is actually nothing — repeat, nothing — positive about the existence of Israel, as far as the Arabs are concerned… The existence of Israel has increased the danger in the Arab world and is a threat not only to the security of the region, but the security of the whole world.”

Watch the full debate to hear Regev’s brilliant, dignified retort to statements denying Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel and its ancient capital.