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Prime Minister Netanuahu Unleashes the Truth on UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon about Palestinian Lies and Incitement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set the record straight for UN Chief Ban Ki-moon, pointing out exactly who is responsible for the increased terror over the last month. 

Though Israel is being accused of trying to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, it is in fact the Palestinian leadership who is doing so!

Netanyahu reiterated that it is clear that the cause of Palestinian terrorism is the desire to destroy the State of Israel.

Netanyahu also blamed Abbas for fanning the flames of violence and terrorism.

The UN Chief has been unfairly critical of Israel, attempting to justify Palestinian terrorism by blaming it on the so-called “occupation” and equating Palestinian violence with Israeli self-defense measures.

The Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS do not seek peace. They seek the destruction of Israel, pure and simple.

The question is, will anything change from this meeting? Judging by Ban’s comments, it doesn’t look likely.