President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the signing ceremony. (AP/Evan Vucci)

Netanyahu praised Trump’s success with North Korea, which he hopes will repeat itself in Iran.  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday announced his support for President Donald Trump following the historic Singapore Summit in which the US leader met with his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-un, and they set on path towards a possible peace treaty and North Korea’s denuclearization.

Iran is closely and fearfully monitoring the developments between Washington and Pyongyang, apparently assuming that the American model of conduct, which employed extreme sanctions to get North Korea to the negotiating table, will be applied to them as well.

Iran is already feeling the financial pressure resulting from the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal last month, as corporations have announced they will cease their activities in the Islamic Republic and have canceled contracts even before the renewed sanctions take effect later this year.

Iran’s fear of pending developments was evident in its negative response to the Singapore summit, in which it lashed out against the meeting and told North Korea that Trump cannot be trusted.