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A Miracle Saves Jews in Beit Shemesh From a Potentially Massive Terror Attack

Two Palestinian terrorists, on a mission to kill Jews, miraculously chose not to board several buses, including a one full of children. Instead, they stabbed one Israeli before being shot by the police. 

A young religious Jewish man in Beit Shemesh was lightly-to-moderately wounded in the attack after which both terrorists were shot.

An eyewitness who saw most of the attack unfold said the terrorists had the opportunity to board at least three different buses, but didn’t. Other reports indicate that they did try to board a bus filled with children but stopped.

The fact that they didn’t get on any of the buses is a miracle, as their intention was clearly to harm a lot of people. They only attacked when the police arrived. Make sure to watch and SHARE this eyewitness account.