Libyan Information Minister Omar Qweri blamed the “Zionist enemy” for all the other conflicts in the Arab world.

Qweri included the Syrian Civil War, the rise of ISIS, street riots in Egypt under former president Mohamed Morsi, and Qatar’s role in the Lybian Civil War as Zionist-induced conflicts affecting the Arab world.

He called on Arabs to “unite behind (their) armies.” We can only venture to guess what the purpose of this unity could be in Qweri’s opinion.

While the Jewish presence in Libya dates back to the times of King Solomon, almost the entire community fled with the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

There are currently no Jews in what was once a thriving Libyan Jewish community. Israeli Arabs, conversely, were encouraged to remain in Israel, having fought alongside the five Arab armies trying to annihilate the nascent Jewish state.