Learn how to make Queen Esther’s toast, a delicious Purim treat that was popular more than a century ago and was now rediscovered by an award-winning author of 10 cookbooks.

Award-winning  American cookbook author and journalist Joan Nathan shares an interesting new recipe – actually, an old recipe, from the 19th century! – for a Purim delicacy that was popular at the time: Queen Esther’s toast.

In this video, set in her kosher kitchen, she demonstrates how to make the treat.

Nathan also shares an interesting historical fact: While hamantaschen, a triangular-shaped cookie with various fillings, is the most well-known Purim food in most Jewish communities around the world, there were no hamantaschen recipes in cookbooks until the turn of the last century. However, she recovered old recipes for “Purim puffs” and Queen Esther’s toast.

Click below and learn how to make an easy Purim recipe from generations ago.



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