United Jerusalem

In this video, Honest Reporting exposes the myth of what is known as Arab East Jerusalem, interviewing Jews who survived Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, when the eternal Jewish capital was divided for the first time in history.

The irresponsible world media perpetuates the lie that the city of Jerusalem was traditionally divided. In reality, the Jewish people resided in a united Jerusalem for 3000 years. There was never any division of the city until 1948, when the Jordanian army captured the eastern section, including the Jewish holy sites, and drove the Jews out of their homes. There were many casualties, and Jewish families that had lived there for many generations became refugees.

In 1967, the IDF liberated Jerusalem after 19 years of Jordanian occupation.

This video provides the true history, bringing testimony from survivors of the devastation of 1948 and discussing evidence of the historic Jewish connection to Jerusalem. We urge you to SHARE this video with others.