Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (YouTube/Screenshot)

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat urges the pro-Israel public to join him in signing a letter welcoming “our friend,” US President-elect Donald Trump.

US President Barack Obama has pushed for a construction freeze in Jerusalem, surrendered to the Iranians and Radical Islam, and abandoned Israel by abstaining from a hostile resolution, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat states.

Therefore, he urges the pro-Israel public to welcome President-elect Donald Trump “as our friend,” thanking him for his efforts to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which Trump himself has recognized as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.”

It’s time to make it clear to the world: Jerusalem is Israel’s undivided capital, Barkat declares.

In the video, Barkat asks friends of Israel to sign a letter in support of Trump’s decisions for the benefit of the State of Israel and which would “make US-Israel relations great again.”