Haifa’s Rambam Hospital has used non-invasive focused ultrasound brain treatment to cure 50 patients of essential tremor.

After 10 years of suffering from severe tremor that stopped her from doing what she loves to do the most, Haya Mandelbaum, a baker from a small city near Haifa, went to Rambam hospital to undergo advanced noninvasive brain surgery using the focused ultrasound technology (FUS).

Just a few days later, Mandelbaum returned to Rambam to give out traditional Chanukah donuts she had made herself.” A great miracle happened here” she told the team that treated her, quoting a line from the story of the miracle of Chanukah. “I got my life back!”

She was one of 50 patients cured by FUS treatment at Rambam. Click below to see more.