Saudi spokesman. (screenshot)

Public officials in the Arab world are increasingly acknowledging Israel’s right to exist as a basic historical fact.

The Saudi Arabian spokesman in this video isn’t afraid to admit the truth, telling the Shehab News Agency, “Israel is an independent state, recognized by the United Nations and running strong.”

“[Israelis] have historical right,” he continue. “Even the Quran talks about the Israelites, and doesn’t mention the Palestinians.”

The winds of change are clearing blowing in the Middle East, as Israel increasingly establishes ties with the Arab nations that surround it.

Saudi Spokesman: Israel has a historical right

AMAZING – Saudi Spokesman: Israel has a historical right and the Koran does not talk about the ‘Palestinians’Share!!דובר סעודי: לישראל יש זכות הסטורית והקוראן אינו מזכיר בכלל ,פלסטינים”תודה ל: @ניוזדסק ישראל

Posted by Boomerang – Fighting for Israel on Wednesday, January 30, 2019