Former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi. (screenshot)


Another voice of reason emerges in the Arab world, with a former Iraqi parliamentarian extending an olive branch to Israel and rejecting hypocritical Palestinian leaders.

In a recent interview with Iraq’s Asia TV, former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi made a number of bold comments, including expressing his desire to visit Israel and put “an end to the great Arab and Islamist lie” surrounding Jerusalem.

Al-Alusi also flatly rejected the notion that Israel’s capital is an “Arab city” that was “plundered by the Zionist entity,” explaining that he is far more concerned with helping Iraqis, which he said could be accomplished by visiting and working with Israel.

With regard to the Palestinians, Al-Alusi did not mince words, declaring, “Let them sort it out themselves,” and warning that he “won’t sell Iraq out for the sake of lying Palestinian mercenaries” like Yasser Arafat.