Iranian missile


Iran has unveiled a new long-range missile defense system at a military ceremony in Tehran. 

The name of Iran’s new surface-to-surface, long-range cruise missile system is ‘Soumar’, which boasts greater range, accuracy and precision than previous missile systems. Iran’s military echelon present at the event hailed this system as an “important achievement,” saying that the goal of the system is to increase the defense of the nation and to strengthen their deterrence abilities. Brigadier-General Dehqan said that the Soumar land-to-land missile can destroy various types of targets due to its tactical capacities, sustainability and radar-evading features.

When Iran holds such an event, many assume that it is a show of power in the face of the US and Israel. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei has repeatedly announced their intention to annihilate Israel, while speaking out continually against the US. Can you imagine what would happen if Iran had nuclear weapons at their disposal?