Palestinian men carry the body of Mahmoud Sa'ed Illean. (Flash90) Flash90
Funeral of Palestinian Terrorist

At the funeral of two Palestinian terrorists who were shot and killed by Israeli soldiers, an unidentified speaker called out for the death of every single Jew. 

Laith Manasrah and Abu Al-Aish – the two dead terrorists were killed when soldiers came to demolish the home of terrorist Muhammad Abu Shaheen, who murdered Israeli Danny Gonen on June 19, 2015.

The speaker at the funeral called for Allah to bring justice for the oppressed and to kill every single Jew.

This is what people don’t understand. The Palestinians seek the destruction of Jews, not just of Israel. The problem is anti-Semitism; this is not about land.

This video provides a window into Palestinian society, exposing the constant and vile incitement that encourages the death of innocent Israeli civilians and Jews everywhere.