This is a remarkable story about courage, values and friendship, as told by Sgt. Itamar, who helped protect Israel during Operation Protective Edge.

During last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, Sgt. Itamar and his comrades were sent to check a structure suspected of being used by Hamas terrorists in the agricultural zone of Gaza. The terrorists, hidden inside the building, opened fire on the IDF soldiers scouring the area. While the soldiers of his company took cover, Sgt. Itamar quickly decided to defend his friends and fellow soldiers and returned fire.

What comes out of this story is the remarkable bravery and moral strength exhibited by Sgt. Itamar. He refers to the other soldiers as friends, showing the close relationship they have with one another. As much as the IDF is an army of individuals, it’s also an army united with a common cause. One has only to stop by the Western Wall in Jerusalem to see groups of IDF soldiers connecting with their heritage and with each other.