Headlines about Pink Floyd’s performance in Israel (Screenshot)


BDS is all about hatred and bullying performers into blacklisting Israel. But can all that hate stand up to the power of love…the love of music?!

At this point, Roger Waters’ shtick is clear: as soon as musical acts add Israel to their tour schedules, the former Pink Floyd frontman and current #1 Israel-hater tries to force them to cancel the gigs.

Increasingly, Waters’ scheme falls flat, with superstars like Radiohead, Morrissey, and Bon Jovi sticking to their guns and delighting Israeli crowds with rocking shows.

When Waters tried to railroad the tribute band UK Pink Floyd Experience into cancelling their Tel Aviv gig, the band stood up for what’s right and came to Israel despite the threats and pressure BDS bullies applied. And the band’s courage was met with an outpouring of love when they arrived at Ben Gurion airport was impressive.

Musicians and artists everywhere should follow suit and not give in to bullies. Let the love of music triumph over hate!

The Day Music Won Over Hate

WATCH: The Day Music Won Over Hate – This is how Israel welcomed the ‘UK Pink Floyd Experience’ cover band, who came to Israel despite being bullied and threatened not to play.Music won over hate – sending a clear message of love.Thank you UK Pink Floyd Experience, for connecting people through love and music and for standing up to bullies.#MusicFirst

Posted by The Israel Project on Tuesday, January 22, 2019