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Never Forget Jonathan (Yoni) Jesner Victim of Hamas Suicide Terrorist Attack

In 2002, a deadly Hamas suicide bombing in Tel Aviv took the life of Yoni Jesner, which in turn saved the life of a young Palestinian girl. Yoni’s mother tells her story and introduces her mission of hope and inspiration. 

Yoni Jesner didn’t know that when he stepped onto a bus in Tel Aviv, it would be his last ride and the end of his short life.

Yoni, who had the dream of saving lives as a doctor, instead saved lives in death with his donated organs. Incredibly, Yoni saved the life of a young Palestinian girl.

Meet Marsha Gladstone, the mother of Yoni, who found the strength to tell her story. Watch Marsha embrace the Palestinian family that experienced life – as a result of her own son’s brutal death.