Avraham Sinai. (screenshot)


After spying on the Hezbollah terror group for Israel, this courageous Lebanese man endured torture at the hands of his captors, before escaping to Israel and becoming a devout Jew.

Avraham Sinai’s life involves the type of high-stakes espionage that feature films are made of, which is why he has become the subject of a brand new documentary called “The Rabbi from Hezbollah.”

Raised in Lebanon in a village controlled by the brutal terror group, Sinai saw firsthand the ravages of war and the toll it took on innocent civilians. Sinai befriended an IDF officer, became a spy for the Jewish state, and eventually escaped Hezbollah’s iron fist by sneaking into Israel, where he embraced a new life as an Orthodox Jew.

Sinai’s story will inspire and amaze you!