Located on the southeastern edge of Rosh Ha’Ayin are the remains of the Migdal Tsedek fortress. The video provides an aerial view of the fortress, revealing a part of Israel’s ancient history.

Between 66-70 CE, Jewish rebels used Migdal Tsedek, which translates as “Tower of Justice”, an ancient fortress, to fight against the invading Roman empire. The fortress itself was constructed over Byzantine and Crusader remains. A Byzantine doorway, topped by a Greek inscription still remains to this day.

This video is another in a series of stunning videos from Amir Aloni. His videos have been very popular on our site, displaying the scenic beauty and historic sites of the Holy Land, including the Dead Sea, the Negev and Arava, the Shokeda Forest and the Tomb of Samuel the Prophet. Most recently, he posted a video about the Israeli Air Force rescuing a hiker in the Judean Desert.

Migdal Tsedek-Rosh Haayin by Amir Aloni from Amir Aloni