Salah Al-Bardawil in Cairo, Egypt (AP) AP
Salah Bardawil in Cairo Egypt Hamas Leader AP

Hamas broadcast the following speech from one of their leaders, Salah Al-Bardawil, in which he describes a completely false, distorted and fictitious account of the Jewish faith.

Broadcasts like this, along with other Palestinian incitement on social media, are the leading cause of the terror attacks that have plagued Israel, especially over the last two months.

What you see in this video is completely absurd in every single way. To begin with, there is an assumption that “Palestinians” are an ancient people. They aren’t.

The idea that Jews would murder children in order to collect their blood and knead it into the matzos eaten on Passover is a sick joke, let a lone an ancient anti-Semitic canard.

Hearing such horrible things about the Jews, one can actually understand why Jews are being attacked every day in Israel.