This is a beautiful music video by Dovid Lowy about the importance of taking the time to recognize and appreciate the wonders that surround us.

Living in Israel, it may be easier to recognize the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. A quick journey in virtually any direction will lead to an archaeological site with historical relevance. Then there are the beautiful trees with lush fruits of all kinds and exquisite multi-colored flowers. Living among enemies who wish to destroy us, it could be said that each day is a reason for gratitude. With that in mind, we feel it would be especially appropriate to share a song about hope and faith. This video was filmed in Israel.

“We tend to find ourselves so busy that we never stop to see that the Creator of the world is apparent in everything around us. We don’t need to see open miracles or even search to the ends of the world to find Him. This video demonstrates how a simple leaf can bring one to this awareness. All you have to do is just open your eyes!” From the official music video on YouTube

English Lyrics: Credit to Eli Woznica
I see You,
I see You in the Earth and the heavens and stars,
Sometimes You seem hidden, Your hand in disguise,
But all we must do- is just open our eyes!

This song also features the background vocals of Ari Goldwag, a famous Jewish singer. His songs Am Echad and Chanukah Light have been very popular on our website. Goldwag also makes an appearance in this video.