YouTube sensations Diamond and Silk are standing up for the Jewish state in the wake of the Obama administration’s anti-Israel actions.

Known for standing with the “silent majority” during the recent US election, video bloggers Diamond and Silk say US President Barack Obama is out of touch with the American people.

Israel is America’s ally, and allies should have each other’s back, the African-American sisters, former Democrats, say in the wake of the US abstention in a vote on an anti-Israel UN resolution, allowing it to pass, and Secretary of State John Kerry’s address at the State Department condemning Israeli “settlements” as an obstacle to peace.

They ask if Kerry, married to Heinz Ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz, is slipping on all that ketchup.

“We stand with Israel. We will always have their back,” the duo states.

Watch this entertaining statement of support for the State of Israel.