This beautiful and touching video tells the story of a father called to military service to defend Israel and its citizens, told from a son’s perspective.

It’s hard to avoid becoming emotional watching this video.

The reality of life in Israel is that a significant part of the world wants to destroy the Jewish state. Even the US government is putting pressure on Israel to accept what would be a suicidal two-state solution.

Ordinary citizens are conscripted into army service and can be called upon thereafter to serve in times of need. When the soldier, whether it’s a father, mother, son or daughter, leaves that front door, you don’t know if your loved one is coming back. And you don’t know if he or she will come back whole.

This video is dedicated to the children with fathers who didn’t return. The war that Israel is forced to fight is something that touches each and every citizen. Let us pray that there will be no more orphans. Let us pray for peace.