Donning tzitzit and a kippa, an NRG correspondent was filmed walking around Paris for 10 hours. This video shows reality on the ground for Jewish people in Paris — abuse, insults, and verbal attacks.

The situation in Paris is very grim for the Jewish people.This NRG correspondent spent 10 hours walking in silence around the city and it appears to be a miracle that he wasn’t attacked, or worse. This video is truly shocking. Hatred and prejudice like this should not be tolerated anywhere in the world. Why should a man be spat on, insulted, threatened or attacked just for being Jewish? Or any religion for that matter?

In France alone, 851 anti-Semitic attacks were reported last year. Undoubtedly, many more happened that were not reported. Also worth noting is the fact that the majority of the hatred shown in this video comes from Muslim residents of Paris. This is not just about Israel; this is raw anti-Semitism.