A BBC reporter was given access to Palestinian Islamic Jihad plans for another war with Israel, which included a tour through a very functional terror tunnel.

Since the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge, we have been reporting about Hamas and their efforts in rearming and rebuilding terror tunnels for the next war with Israel. This video reveals how eager they are to renew the conflict. When asked what he felt was gained by the end of the summer war, a masked Islamic soldier explains: “Our biggest achievement is that we stood our ground and that we challenged the occupier.”

Hamas has been firing rockets into the sea in order to test their accuracy as well as spending a fortune of money rebuilding and repairing terror tunnels. While the Palestinians in Gaza have been suffering, waiting for rehabilitation of the land, money allocated for that purpose has instead gone to preparations for war.

When Hamas starts the next conflict, will the media and the world criticize Israel? Will Israel be blamed for not rehabilitating Gaza? It’s up to us to make sure that the world knows the truth. The Palestinians in Gaza are pawns that Hamas use for world sympathy. Nothing more.