Avraham the Jewish Shepherd

Come and  meet Avraham Herzlich, a man who came to Israel in search of his Jewish identity and discovered the heart of the Holy Land.

In this video, we meet soft-spoken Avraham Herzlich, a humble shepherd. In his search for a Jewish identity, he walked the entire width and length of Israel, barefoot. During his trek, he discovered Torah Judaism based in the traditions of the Yemenite community and found his calling in herding cattle. By working as a shepherd in the film, just like the fathers of the nation of Israel – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – he developed a connection to God and the land.

He teaches us about the connection a person has to the land and how it relates to current day politics such as the proposed two-state solution relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to Avraham, the solution to achieving peace does not lie in establishing a two-state solution in Israel. Rather, for Avraham, the solution is giving the Arabs their own home elsewhere, far from the Jewish state.