Ari Goldwag Im Imperfect A Cappella


Popular Jewish singer Ari Goldwag released an A Cappella music video that features no instruments – just his talented voice.

There are two periods during the year when many Jewish people as a collective enter into a time of mourning. The first, begins within the 50-day lead-up to Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the day when the Torah was given. The second, is during a three week period during which a number of calamities befell the Jews, including the destruction of both Jewish Temples. Part of the laws for mourning include a prohibition of listening to instrument-based music. Music that features only voices – known as “A Capella” – is generally considered to be acceptable during times of mourning.

With that in mind, here is a fun video Ari Goldwag put together and which includes a powerful meaning.