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Student Protest About Tuition Hikes Transforms into Anti-Israel Anti-Semitic Demonstration

What you are about to see is evidence of the startling moral decline of campuses all over North America as anti-Israel and anti-Semitism reign supreme among the ignorant masses.

What does an anti-tuition hike demonstration have to do with the situation in Israel?

It begins with a focus on opposition to the tuition hike, but it rapidly descends into chants for “intifada” and resistance against the Jews in Israel.

There were pro-Israel supporters on hand, but you can see how poorly they are treated and how students resist hearing anything they have to say.

The campus shown here is Hunter College, which is a part of New York City University. We’re in big trouble. This isn’t just anti-Israel, it’s anti-Semitism.

WARNING: This video features some coarse language.