Father of modern Zionism Theodor Herzl. (Courtesy)

Over 120 years ago, the First Zionist Congress met to hammer out a vision for the Jewish people’s future.

This week, Israel observed the 121st anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, a momentous occasion at which the idea of a nation in the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland began to become a reality.

Over one hundred years later, the Jewish people thrive in the State of Israel, a modern nation that is home to the spiritual capital of the world.

Take a look back at some critical moments in the Jewish state’s inception!

First Zionist Congress

WATCH: Three days that changed the course of the Jewish people. Today, 121 years later, the Jewish people are thriving in their ancestors’ homeland!Via Hananya NaftaliIf you support Israel, don’t be silent – ISupportIsrael.com

Posted by The Israel Project on Wednesday, August 29, 2018