Israelis celebrate after rescue of 102 hostages in Operation Entebbe in 1976. (AP)

Itzik Garber, who piloted the heroic Entebbe counter-terror rescue mission, discusses the historic operation in the wake of the first Israeli flight to Uganda since 1976.

On July 3, 1976, in one of the boldest rescue missions the world has ever seen, Israel carried out “Operation Thunderbolt,” freeing 102 hostages from Palestinian terrorists.

Three hostages, along with unit commander Lt.-Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, brother of the Israeli prime minister, did not survive.

Israel’s ties with Uganda were renewed in 1986 under new Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

An El Al Israel Airline flight has now landed in Entebbe for the first time since the historic rescue operation.

In this video, Itzik Garber, who piloted the 1976 flight, discusses the heroic mission.