As it became apparent that Facebook does not adhere to its own rules regarding incitement to terrorism, United with Israel launched a campaign against Facebook to insist that it remove pages that incite to violence and terrorism.



According to Facebook’s own self-described Community Standards:

“We don’t allow any organizations that are engaged in the following to have a presence on Facebook:

– Terrorist activity, or
– Organized criminal activity.

“We also remove content that expresses support for groups that are involved in the violent or criminal behavior mentioned above. Supporting or praising leaders of those same organizations, or condoning their violent activities, is not allowed.

“We welcome broad discussion and social commentary on these general subjects, but ask that people show sensitivity towards victims of violence and discrimination.”

If this is the case, then how does Facebook explain the presence of numerous pages on its site that call for the destruction of Israel and that encourage terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians? This must end now.


We asked our fans to help us insist that Facebook remove any and all pages that incite to terrorism. Our supporters once again pulled through, sending numerous complaints to Facebook – and we know it’s working. Facebook has come under significant pressure in recent months to combat the widespread online incitement currently existing on its platform. It is yet unclear what steps it will take, but it appears Facebook is now taking the problem seriously. Thank you United with Israel supporters!

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