While supposedly “committed to justice, dignity, equality and peace,” the NWSA exposed its own hypocrisy by voting to boycott Israel. Not only is the organization prejudiced, it is also clearly ignorant of the facts. Thankfully, our supporters stepped forward to loudly protest this misguided decision.


The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) based in America endorsed a resolution calling for a boycott on Israel.

The resolution, which was put forward by Feminists for Justice in Palestine at the NWSA annual convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, passed at a 653 to 86 vote in mid November.

The resolution placed the NWSA among other academic associations that have officially endorsed the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, the largest of these being the American Studies Association.

The misguided resolution asserts that, while “our counterparts in Palestine face daily violations of their human rights, including their academic rights to free speech, assembly, association, and movement,” Israeli institutions of higher learning “have not challenged, but instead legitimized, Israel’s oppressive policies and violations. These violations, which severely impact the daily lives and working conditions of Palestinian scholars, students, and the society at large, are also enabled by US tax dollars and the tacit support of western powers, thus making any taxpayer in the West complicit in perpetuating these injustices.”


Thousands of United with Israel supporters called, emailed and posted on the Facebook page of the NWSA to protest its misguided decision. It is unclear at this point what changes NWSA will make in light of our campaign, but we know we made a difference!

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