US ambassador to Israel David Friedman (Matty Stern/US Embassy Tel Aviv)

“Palestinian ‘leaders’ have praised the killer,” Friedman charged, after another Palestinian terror attack.

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Tuesday criticized Palestinian leadership for inciting terror, a policy which he tied to the latest fatal terror attack in the Jewish state.

Responding to Monday’s attack, in which an Arab stabbed and murdered Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal at the entrance to the city of Ariel in Samaria, Friedman tweeted, “20 years ago I gave an ambulance to Har Bracha hoping it would be used to deliver healthy babies. Instead, a man from Har Bracha was just murdered by a terrorist, leaving behind a wife and four children.”

Ben Gal was a resident of Har Bracha, and was buried in his hometown.

“Palestinian ‘leaders’ have praised the killer,” Friedman charged.

“Praying for the Ben Gal family,” he concluded.

After the attack, a spokesman for the Hamas terror organization lauded the attack as “a continuation of the resistance to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration,” referring to President Donald Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Australia’s Ambassador in Israel, Chris Cannan, tweeted that “such violence and terror cannot be justified. Heartfelt sympathies to his family and loved ones.”

Norway’s Ambassador John Hanssen-Bauer described the terror attack as “brutal,” saying that “nothing justifies such violence and terror. It must stop.”

French Ambassador Helene Le Gal tweeted that “such an odious act cannot but be strongly condemned.”

The terrorist, identified as Abed al-Karim Assi, a resident of Jaffa with Israeli citizenship, is still at large.