A an anti-Israel Tunisian protester at the office of the nation’s only Jewish cabinet member. (AP Photo/Hassene Dridi)

Was a Tunisian pro-Palestinian protest that targeted the nation’s only Jewish official simply an example of old fashioned anti-Semitism?

Scores of pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Tunisia staged a protest in the nation’s capital, ostensibly protesting Israeli policies with regard to the Palestinians, the Associated Press reported.

On Saturday, the protesters gathered outside the Tourism Ministry, which his helmed by Rene Trabelsi, Tunisia’s only Jewish governmental official.

Outside of Trabelsi’s office, the protesters held signs with slogans like “Palestine is Arab, no choice but rifles” and “Tunisia is free, Zionists out,” reported the AP.

Trabelsi was appointed Tourism Minister in November and is the first Jewish official to serve in the Tunisian government in recent years, and only the third Jewish Cabinet member in the Muslim-majority country since 1956.

The protesters on Saturday included left-wing organizations that want to pass a law criminalizing “normalizing” ties with Israel.

While Tunisia, like most other Arab nations, has no diplomatic relations with Israel, its current government is seen as moderate and has not shown support for the anti-Israel legislation.

Trabelsi is a Tunisian citizen and the protesters furnished no reason for specifically targeting a Jewish official for their anti-Israel demonstration, according to reports published about the protest.