Destroyed buildings in the old city of Homs in wartorn Syria. (AP)

Three Syrian Jewish refugee families were smuggled out of the country and are now being resettled in Louisville, Kentucky.

Very few Jews were left in Syria in recent years, largely due to the efforts of Judy Feld Carr, a Canadian Jewish humanitarian who, since the 1970s, had managed to organize the rescue of over 3,000.

Three of the remaining Jewish families in Syria were quietly brought to the United States and settled in Louisville, Ky.

The Jewish refugees, numbering 13 people including seven children, were smuggled out of Damascus, where they had been living amid the raging civil war since 2011. The families posed as Christian refugees to enter Sweden earlier this year, according to Point of No Return, a blog about Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim countries.

The families were described as able to speak multiple languages, well off and had done business with the Assad regime, according to the blog.

A Conservative synagogue in Louisville helped the families enter the U.S. and resettle in the southern town, which has already absorbed thousands of Middle Eastern refugees over the past five years.

Louisville is also home to a small but thriving Jewish community, with five synagogues, a kosher butcher and a kolel (academy of higher Talmudic studies), according to Arutz-7.

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