Israeli employees covered the Orange logo with an Israeli flag.(AP Photo/Dan Balilty) (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)
Israeli employees cover Orange logos

A huge thank you to all the followers of United With Israel worldwide who answered our recent Call to Action to protest the scandalous declaration disparaging the State of Israel made by Orange CEO Stephane Richard. The protest went viral and was overwhelmingly effective. Thank you!

Richard Netanyahu

Orange CEO Stephane Richard apologizes to Israeli PM Netanyahu. (Haim Zach/GPO)

The response by worldwide followers of United With Israel to our recent Call to Action (CTA) to protest the scandalous declaration disparaging the State of Israel made in Cairo by Orange CEO Stephane Richard went viral and was overwhelmingly effective.

United with Israel played a significant role in this campaign that resulted in Richard visiting Israel and meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to recant his words. UWI supporters sent hundreds of emails directly to Orange employees expressing their anger over Richard’s statement telling them that “There is a price to pay for boycotting Israel.” They shared their feelings on their Facebook pages, via Twitter and in emails.

Among the comments we received:

“I will contact all my friends that use your telephone system to boycott YOU (Orange)!!!”

“Dear Orange, I fully support Israel and ask that you have the courage to do the same, which is also what is Right!”

“Sent letter to each person on the list. I rewrote the letter and pointed out that the technology for the phones was developed by Israel, and so if they wanted to divest, they should stop using the technology.”

“I sent emails to all of the above. God bless Israel!”


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United With Israel thanks its many, many supporters who took the time and made the effort to protest yet another unwarranted attack upon the State of Israel’s integrity, an attack that even had serious negative economic implications.

Not all of United with Israel Calls to Action are an expression of protest. We also make it a point to praise those to whom praise is due. We look to you to stay United with Israel for future CTAs. We can’t do it without YOU!

We would very much appreciate your financial support so that we can continue to expand our worldwide reach and carry out many more effective advocacy projects such as this.

Our funds are limited and we really need your help…


Thank you for your generous support!

With Blessings from Israel,

The United with Israel Family