The priestly blessing is performed during the ceremony. (Moshe Butavya/TPS)

Victims of terrorism hold a celebration of life at the site of a terror attack, symbolizing the continuation of life.

The family of terror victim, Avraham Asher Hasno, who was murdered in a truck-ramming attack at the al-Fawwar junction near Hebron, celebrated the birth and circumcision of Avraham’s grandson at the exact site of the attack on Wednesday.

Avraham Asher’s widow, Ruthie, said the decision to hold the ceremony at the site, where the family had suffered such a loss, symbolizes the continuation of life and shows their determination to hold on to the region, even in the face of difficulty and pain.

Avraham Hasno, a 54-year-old resident of Kiryat Arba, was murdered in October 2015 when a Palestinian hit him with his truck as Hasno was inspecting damage caused to his car by stone-throwing Palestinians at the al-Fawwar junction.

The terrorist turned himself in to Palestinian security forces shortly afterwards, claiming that he had hit Hasno by accident. Hasno’s family leveled fierce criticism at the Military Advocate General’s decision to charge the driver with manslaughter, rather than murder.

The Har Hebron residents committee renamed the site “the Avraham junction” in honor of Hasno.

“To hold the circumcision ceremony at the site where a life was taken is particularly moving,” said Har Hebron Regional Council Chairman Yochai Damri, a sentiment echoed by Kiryat Arba Regional Council Chairman Malachi Levinger.

Dozens of residents attended the ceremony along with the Judea Brigade Commander Col. Itzik Cohen, who performed the priestly blessing.

The child, born to Hasno’s daughter Nathalie, was named Netzach Asher, after his grandfather’s middle name. The name means the eternity of Asher.

By: Ilana Messika/TPS