Spain's King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered the Inquisition. (Wikipedia) (Wikipedia)
Spanish Inquisition

Spanish Inquisition

Depiction of an auto-de-fe in Spain where thousands of Jews were publicly condemned to death. (Wikipedia)

Spanish lawmakers will vote on a “law of return” for descendants of Jews forced to flee the country during the 15th century Inquisition.

Lawmakers in Spain’s lower house of Parliament are expected to give final approval to a law setting up a path toward citizenship for descendants of Jews forced to flee the country five centuries ago during the Inquisition.

There is widespread support for the bill allowing Sephardic Jews to start applying for Spanish citizenship in October.

Spain’s vote, planned for Thursday afternoon, follows approval in March of a similar citizenship plan in Portugal for Sephardic Jews whose ancestors were forced to leave that country.

Applicants must provide proof of their ancestry vetted by Jewish organizations.

But Spain’s process is tougher than Portugal’s because applicants must pass tests to prove basic Spanish skills and knowledge about the country.

Applicants who get Spanish citizenship are not required to renounce citizenship elsewhere.

By: AP