Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. (Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Shutterstock)

Even the most mundane mention of Israel is enough to set off the fury of Israel-bashers, as Ronaldo did in a short tweet. 

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo set off a furious feud on Twitter between anti and pro-Israel supporters Wednesday when he tweeted about his new commercial for the Hot communications company and mentioned Israel.

“There are rumors that I’m going to be a star in Israel. Not in soccer… In a HOT commercial,” Ronaldo tweeted.

His use of the name Israel, and in a positive context, angered Israel haters, who have been exchanging bashes for the past 24 hours with pro-Israel supports who have thanked Ronaldo for the tweet.

“You mean Palestine though,” tweeted a Pro-Palestinian.

“No I think he really means Israel. You know 8 million people live in Israel? which has 3000 year history?” a Israel-supporter responded.

“Due to tweets such as this , you lose a lot of supporters in Arab nations #free_Palestine, you need to avoid supporting Israel,” posted another.

“Lost respect” for Ronaldo, a Israel-hater tweeted. “You lost respect because of facts?” someone responded.

“That commercial will have your many fans in Israel thrilled!” tweeted one supporter.

So far, the soccer star has not removed his tweet, despite heavy pressure from fans to do so.

Israeli Opposition Lease Member of Knesset (MK) Isaac Herzog got in the mix when he tweeted “you [Ronaldo] are indeed a true star in IL. don’t fear and don’t give up to our haters and bashers! this comes from a loyal Barca supporter,” meaning Barcelona’s team, which is Ronaldo’s Madrid team’s primary rival.

Social media has often been the scene for vicious exchanges between Israel supporters and their detractors.