Palestinian official Saeb Erekat. (Abir Sultan/Flash 90)


Palestinian historical revisionism continues with an attempt to label Christmas a “Palestinian” holiday.  

While the world celebrated Christmas, and its spirit of peace and joy, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat lashed out on Twitter, “Grinch [Israel] decided to steal the Christmas spirit” from Palestinians.

Erekat specifically mentioned Israel’s approval of 2,500 new housing units in Judea and Samaria, which he attributed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection strategy.

Such “actions are a deliberate campaign to destroy the two-state solution and to prevent the establishment of an independent and sovereign state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital,” said Erekat.

He claimed that the new housing units were “undoubtedly part of Israel’s long list of violations of international law and legitimacy.”

Palestinian Fabrication of History

The Palestinian leadership often falsifies history, including by presenting Jesus as an ancient Palestinian.

For example, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which monitors incitement in the Palestinian media, has documented ongoing historical revisionism, which falsely connects the current Palestinian-Arab population with a fabricated ancient Palestinian nation that simply never existed.

Although there is no record of “Palestinian” history, and no people ever identified as being part of a Palestinian nation until a few decades ago, the PA claims they are part of an ancient Palestinian people in an attempt to compete with Israel’s well-documented Jewish history in the Land of Israel.

While Christian tradition and the historical writings of the period portray Jesus as a Jew living in the land of Judea in Israel, the PA consistently tells its constituents that they are the ones connected to Jesus.

This is not only a distortion of Jesus’ personal history as reported in Christian writings, it is also an anachronism. The Romans changed the name of Judea to “Palestine” in order to punish the Jewish nation after its unsuccessful rebellion, 136 years after the birth of Jesus.