A teenage Palestinian terrorist who tried stabbing a security guard at a checkpoint did not succeed in his deadly mission and was taken in for questioning.

A 17-year-old Arab terrorist from Nablus (Shechem) was arrested late Wednesday afternoon after attempting to stab a soldier while undergoing a security check.

The incident took place at the Qalandiya checkpoint, located between Jerusalem and Ramallah, when security guards checked a bus carrying Israelis and Arabs and grew suspicious of one of the passengers.

The guards discovered that the suspect was not carrying an ID card and asked him to descend from the bus in order to be checked.

A security source told TPS that “he tried to pull out a knife and stab the military policeman accompanying the guard during a check.”

According to a police spokesperson, “the suspect resisted being checked and attempted to pull out a knife. The guard who noticed this immediately brought the attacker down after the knife fell to the ground.”

The suspect was taken into custody for questioning. It was the first stabbing attempt since Monday, when two terrorists stabbed two women outside the Jewish community of Beit Horon in the Binyamin region, near Jerusalem. Shlomit Krigman, 24, succumbed to her wounds the following day.

By: Alexander J. Apfel/TPS