Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Rob Stothard/Pool via AP) (Rob Stothard/Pool via AP)
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Special squads believed to be agents from Mossad and MI5 have been dispatched to Turkey’s capital Ankara and to Antalya, where the G20 summit is being held, to shield Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his stay there.

The Times of India has learned that Indian National security adviser Ajit Doval and intelligence agency chiefs redrew Modi’s security apparatus early on Saturday, in anticipation of any crisis during his visit. In addition, a special evacuation plan has been put in place for the PM.

According to the same report, crisis possibilities for the PM in Turkey range from mass shootings to an attack from the ground or air, which will result in an immediate lockdown. An aircraft with a rich remote security cover is on standby for Modi, equipped with advanced radar and warning system, as well as a separate defense and communication systems. In addition, there’s a second plane on standby for the PM, in case of any problem with the Air India Jumbo Jet he uses.

Last summer, the media announced Modi was going to be the first Indian PM to visit Israel, but so far he has visited some 23 different countries this year, but not the Jewish State. Modi did congratulate Prime Minister Netanyahu in Hebrew following the Likud party’s success in the elections last March, adding, in Hebrew “I remember warmly our meeting in New York last September.”

By: JNi.Media