Organized by Christian groups, several hundred people marched in Poland in support of the Jewish state and against anti-Semitism. It was the largest pro-Israel demonstration the Israeli ambassador has ever seen.

A march of support for Israel in Warsaw, organized by Poland-based Christian organizations and attended by hundreds, made a strong statement against anti-Semitism and terrorism.

As reported on the Jewish.pl website, the purpose of the event was to support Israel in the face of the current wave of Palestinian terror, which it described as a “third intifada.”

According to the site, “participants not only chanted slogans, but also sang and danced.” They were carrying Israeli and Polish flags.

Israeli ambassador to Poland

Israeli Ambassador Anna Azari (embassies.gov.il)

Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari addressed the marchers, saying that never before has she seen such a large demonstration of support for Israel.

A small group of representatives of the National Rebirth of Polish (NOP) – a far-right nationalist party that holds no parliamentary seats and was labeled as anti-Semitic by a number of NGOs and government bodies, including the US Department of State – tried disrupting the march, waving NOP and Palestinian Authority flags.

“When innocent people are killed, including women and children, let us stand for Israel,” the organizers said. “We want to publicly show Poles and Christians support Israel and oppose anti-Semitism.”

In November, thousands of Poles took part in an anti-racism protest in Warsaw, and many held signs saying “Hug a Jew,” in both Polish and English.