Israel’s scorched south. (Natali Maman/Black South Project)

The world must see the truth and acknowledge that while Israelis try to build a better future for themselves, Hamas only destroys. 

By: World Jewish Congress and United with Israel Staff

Over the past three and a half months, since the beginning of the so-called March of Return protests, Palestinians in Gaza, under Hamas rule, have attacked Israel in many different ways.

Using a new strategy, they have been sending incendiary kites and balloons over the border on a daily basis, causing the burning of thousands of acres of land.

Innocent wildlife – birds, turtles, deer, and other animals – are either killed or chased out of their native habitats. Plants, trees, forests, gardens, and crops are also ravaged in the widespread destruction.

The international community has not condemned Hamas for this new environmental warfare, which endangers civilians and wildlife and ravages Israel’s southern region.

A group of Israeli photographers led by Edi Israel decided that this destruction must be seen throughout the world. On Wednesday, hundreds of photographers documented the devastation caused by flaming devices lofted into Israel by balloons and kites.

It will take years for the destruction to be reversed.

Environmental warfare is condemnable everywhere in the world, but apparently many who regularly fight for animal rights and to protect the environment do not believe it is a crime when it comes to Israel.

What country in the world would stand idly by for this type of attack? The answer is none.

Israel must fight for its existence on a day-to-day basis. It’s an open secret that Israel is not given the same treatment as other countries diplomatically, politically, or in the international media. Otherwise, the global community would widely condemn Hamas for this destruction.

The world must see the truth and acknowledge that while Israelis try to build a better future for their children, their country and the world, Hamas harms their own people and their environment while they attempt to destroy Israel.